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Our passion in creating Great Escapes for travelers means working closely with our owners to ensure that each and every property we list is appropriately equipped, decorated, priced and marketed to fill calenders and bring the highest ROI for our owners. Great Escape Vacation Properties understands that vacation home owners often prefer individualized levels of management and support for their properties, so we have created several options to fit your unique needs:

The All-In-One Plan:
Vacation Rental Property Preparation:
The best place to start is at the very beginning, so we begin with an in-home consultation. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of your property, starting at the curb. Our team works through all of the rooms in your home or condo, the garage or parking structure and finishes with the yard or deck/patio. A detailed report with recommendations on what is needed to maximize the property as a vacation rental is provided. We then meet with you to discuss the suggested improvements, changes and required necessities for the property and create a budget to complete all of the recommendations. Once the budget is set, our team gets to work! This could mean hiring out construction teams, purchasing beds or other furniture items, and even shopping for everything from silverware to dishcloths to decorative vases and wall art. We do whatever it takes to provide the largest return on investment for our owners.

Our team manages and implements all of the recommendations as agreed upon with the owner. Have a construction team of your own? No problem. We can work with them and ensure they have the information necessary to do the job well.

Marketing and Sales:
Once your property is ready to rent, we get right to work on marketing it effectively to start booking vacation travelers! Our booking ratios are among the top in our industry. To ensure the fullest calendars, we have a proven process to make your property stand out. This includes:


  • Professionally photograph and create virtual video tours of your property.
  • Craft compelling copy and headlines for vacation rental marketing sites such as HomeAway and VRBO.
  • Display your vacation rental property on Great Escape’s intuitive and traveler-friendly website.
  • Placement on the most popular vacation rental sites, such as VRBO, HomeAway, FlipKey and TripAdvisor.
  • Email potential guests about your property and its specials or features.
  • Promotion on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter though the Great Escape Vacation Properties brand.
  • Targeted communications to our extensive database based on traveler's individual preferences and past vacation histories.

Key to getting quality bookings is the immediacy of response times by booking agents. At Great Escape, every inquiry will receive immediate response via email and, unlike most management companies, we contact every guest by phone to ensure they find the right property for their traveling requirements. We are not order takers, but helpful travel guides that learn about the goals of the travelers and offer suggestions on the best locations to stay, tips and ideas for where to eat and what to do in proximity to their chosen location. Our goal is to give travelers insider tips on how to turn their vacation into a Great Escape! This also ensures that the guests staying in your rental properties are well vetted and will be of age and maturity to treat your property with respect. In addition, our website is powered by an enterprise-level technology system that makes it easy for travelers to complete the booking process with:

  • Secure online credit card transactions
  • Simple click-through online rental agreements

This combination of world-class technology paired with friendly, real people helping our guests creates a booking experience that is second to none in our industry. It’s a snap for our guests to book and highly effective for filling calendars for our owners.

Property Maintenance and Cleaning:
Managing and maintaining your Great Escape vacation rental property is part of what we do best. Our vetted team of maids and cleaning crews as well as trusted maintenance teams keep properties in top shape and ensure rental ready rooms for our guests. We have developed stringent cleaning procedures and a detailed check-list for our cleaning staff to ensure the highest standards in property cleanliness and maintenance are upheld. Let’s just say that crumbs in the drawers or streaks on the windows are not okay.
 We provide the following for our owners:  

  • Maid service schedules and coordination.
  • Maintenance and repair of rental property issues or damages.
  • Restocking of all supplies, including paper towels, toilet paper, soaps, etc.

 Price: Fees for the All-In-One package are determined by the total recommendations required. Prices start at $600.

Sales and Marketing Only Plan:
Over the years, we have found that some of our owners are as passionate as we are in property maintenance and cleaning and restocking, but they may have difficulty managing the sales and support side of their rentals. They love to have a hands-on role in the cleaning and prepping of the property, but just cannot manage the daily ins and outs of making sure they get back to each inquiry as they would like. For these owners, we have a Sales and Marketing Only Plan that allows all maintenance, cleaning and management to be handled by the owner. The Great Escape team ensures that properties are marketed effectively and that each inquiry is responded to immediately. Our proven process of high-touch correspondence and use of state-of-the-art technology allows us to effectively market and book your property, collect deposits and fees and then you can manage the rest. Great Escape will act as your personal online marketing, sales and service team, handling every aspect of the vacation rental marketing process, including creating compelling listings, reaching the largest network of travelers, and offering a seamless booking process with full traveler support.

Price: Listing fees associated with marketing sites, such as HomeAway, Flipkey or VRBO + 10% booking fee.

The DIY Plan:  
For the budget conscious, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of your property, and detailed report on what to do to make it a Great Escape property. We provide the info, you provide the legwork. Starting at the curb, our team will work through all of the rooms in your home, the garage or parking structure and finish with the yard or deck/patio. No nook or cranny is neglected! We also take account of the property’s location and it’s proximity to the ocean or bay, favorite vacation destinations, restaurants, etc. All the stuff that people love to do when they are away. A detailed, written report is then provided with suggested improvements and changes to increase the overall appeal of the property and maximize your rental fees. Suggested weekly and daily rental rates for the property once all of the suggested improvements are made is also provided.
 Prices are as follows:  

  • Up to 1000 sq. ft. --- $199
  • 1001-1500 sq. ft --- $225
  • 1501-2500 sq. ft --- $250
  • 2501-3500 sq. ft. --- $300
  • 3500 sq. ft./up --- call for a quote

Please call us toll-free at 1-866-233-3999 to learn more. We are excited to get started with you and turn your rental home into a Great Escape!